Samuel Alarcón

(Madrid, 1980)
"Templo del espíritu ya no hay cuerpos, solo puras y ascéticas imágenes"


Sobre el autor

Samuel Alarcón (Madrid, 1980) is a filmmaker, critic and director of the radio program El Cine que Viene for the Radio Nacional de España. He recieved a scholarship from the Real Academia de España en Roma where produced his second  full length feature film, The City of Signs (2009). In 2006 he began a project with Javier Cardinete called The Letters Project that is still ongoing. In 2010 he co-founded the creative collective Filmo with whom he has produced two short fiction films, The Lysergic Worlds (2011), and Medea's Box (2012). After the Lorca earthquakes of 2011, alongside Carmen Latorre, he produced 4.5 5.1 (The Intimate Report of an Earthquake) (2012). In 2010 The Festival de Cine Inusual de Buenos Aires ran a series of his screenings to highlight his work.


El año que cayó Lehman Brothers. Cine-ensayo.
El rey ausente. Cine-ensayo.